My name is Kristina and I am owner of ZZ Sweet Studio, a small patisserie and chocolaterie based in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

My passion is to bake and make bonbons. So here at my little studio you can find unique and exclusively tasty cakes, handmade and hand painted bonbons and one bite sweets.

I studied for pastry chef in a pastry school of Maria Selyanina in Barcelona and received my diploma. Since then I haven’t stopped learning and discovering new layers of pastry world.

In 2016 I decided to open my own company, that is how ZZ Sweet Studio was created. One Z stands for my last name, and second one for zoet – sweet in Dutch.

ZZ Sweet Studio makes all kinds of things. But mostly I specialize in making drip cakes, mousse cake and bonbons and chocolate bars. The magical world of chocolate is endless, you can discover new tastes every day and still see only the top of iceberg.

In September 2017 my cake was featured on TV show “Smaakt naar meer” on NPO 1. For this program I made a chocolate art cake which looks like a stump with red velvet, mango compote and vanilla crème cheese inside.

My cake was also “honored” to be tasted by wonderful guests Sanne Wallis de Vries, Albert Verlind, Kees Raat and host of the programm André van Duin.